About us

Mutual Media was founded by Peter Brady in 2004 with a focus on exceeding client satisfaction through the successful delivery of print projects.

At the start of 2012 the business looks a little different with the addition of design and online services, but the values that were at the heart of the business at the start, remain at the forefront of our thinking and doing now. We are open, honest, knowledgeable, creative and commercial. That’s right, we are commercial, and aim to make a profit on every project we undertake, but the cornerstone of our thinking is the creation of partnerships with our clients. We want long and successful relationships with our clients and that only comes from successful project delivery, providing great value, and by being creative with our work.

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk and work for a number of companies in the area. However, we also work for companies in London, Birmingham, Manchester and around the UK. We are always excited about the opportunity of working with new clients so if you have not worked with us before, and would interested in finding out more about us, then please get in touch.