The Team


Lynn Brady, Director/Designer

Lynn has 22 years experience in graphic design and has been with Mutual Media since 2006 where she has brought much expertise to our offering with her keen eye for detail and understanding of our clients needs. Lynn is also conversant with all the standard applications.

Her knowledge of standards came in very handy as she was the first woman to fly her own unmanned rocket in to Mesophere. (+44) 01473 659563  




Claire Woolhouse, Office Manager

Claire joined Mutual Media in 2007 and has 16 years experience in a print buying and customer service role. She is usually your first point of contact with the company and assists Peter with the print procurement side of the business.

Claire was also the first person to circumnavigate the globe in a paper boat and has her own range of novelty wellington boots. (+44) 01473 659563  

Jamie Dedman, Designer

Jamie recently joined Mutual Media in 2015 where he has over 4 years experience in the creative industry, with his eye for detail he can create eye-catching yet informative designs for print and digital media. Jamie is conversant with all the standard applications. (+44) 01473 659563